finally after a long fortnite beta is available on android mobile  fortnite is a video game created by epic game in 2017 the game have two modes fortnite save the world and fortnite battle royal where you can fight with up to 100 people It’s time to take a break from PUBG mobile and try out the new fortnite Beta game for your android  that’s finally made its way to Android. If you have a phone that’s compatible, which are all listed in the video, you can apply for an invite right now. all you need to do go to epic games website you can download fortnite from this website click here

after that follow these steps

and than click over sign up for email

they ask you for details fill up those details and than click over create account button button.

after that they will sent you download link in your email address

that’s it go to your email address inbox from your android mobile and click over download link sent by epic game for you final step download and install.

you can see image of fortnite beta running on my android device login with your fortnite account and have fun

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